Middle East Water Forum

Founder: Dr. Hazim El-Naser

Dr Jarrah Mahmood Al Zubi

Dr Jarrah Mahmood Al Zubi

Jarrah pursued his MA (Econ) and PhD from the University of Manchester in UK after obtaining his first

degree in Mechanical Engineering. He studied water resources from harvesting to management

including the implementation of water governance, water integrity and trans-boundary water resources


Jarrah has been leading several regional projects such as the MDG+ and Environmental Impact

Assessment (EIA), also, Jarrah was part of a joint project between UNDP and Albalqa Applied University

to develop “collaboration mechanisms between public, private and academic sectors regarding the RIO

conventions”. Jarrah participated in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency awareness and training

project during his service at Albalqa Applied University with GIZ.

Jarrah was lecturing at universities in Jordan and also was supervising postgraduate students in Jordan,

Also Jarrah was appointed as External Postgraduate Supervisor by The University of New England (UNE)

– Australia to supervise PhD students enrolled at UNE. Moreover, Jarrah serves as academic reviewer for

five international journals. Jarrah published 18 scientific paper and three book chapters, and several

short communications and technical notes.

Jarrah developed the teaching materials and lectured water governance and integrity at the IWRM

postgraduate courses offered by Cologne University - Germany, the course was developed as a joint

program with the University of Jordan.

Jarrah is an active member in several NGOs like Jordan Quality Society, Jordan Remote Sensing and GIS

Society, and official national committees such as National Environmental Auditing, Higher Education

Accreditation Quality assurance reviewing committee.

Jarrah is a certified TOT for Water Integrity and Governance as well as Certified International Trainer on

Leaders for Excellence and assessors, the certification is offered by the European Foundation for Quality

Management (EFQM).

Jarrah worked as Jury member, Team leader, Lead Assessor, assessor and trainer of assessors with King

Abdullah II Center for Excellence in Jordan, Dubai Government Excellence Program, Dubai The Model

Center Award, Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program, Abu Dhabi Excellence Award Program,

Ajman Excellence Program and King Abdulaziz Quality Award.

Before joining DEWA, Jarrah was a technical advisor for HE the Secretary General, Head of MDG+ and

projects manager at ACWUA (Arab Countries Water Utilities Association). MDG+ is an Arab initiative

project to monitor a set of sub indictors for water (Quantity, Quality, Continuity, Affordability , Distance

to source, Tariff Structure) and sanitation in the region on behalf of the Arab Ministerial Water Council –

League of Arab States as part of the global commitment towards Millennium Development Goals to

pave the road for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) beyond 2015 through working at strategic level

and liaising with decision makers in the water sector within the region (18 Arab Countries) . The project

was implemented in collaboration with UN-ESCWA. Besides the MDG+ project, Dr AlZubi, co-managed

other project such as water integrity assessment and analysis for water utilities in four Arab countries,

benchmarking at strategical and operational level for water utilities in Jordan and other four countries

and Jordan trade effluent project to improve the regulatory framework and strengthen national

standards for waste water discharge based on field GIS survey for industrial sector.

Jarrah worked for several organization after his first degree, he was a maintenance engineer at the Royal

Maintenance Directorate- Jordan Armed Forces, Head of Human Resources at King Abdullah II Design

and Development Bureau, Environment protection head at the Royal Directorate for Environment

Protection – RANGERS, Assistant Prof at the University of Jordan and Albalqa Applied University.

Jarrah worked as a part time consultant in performance and corporate excellence at Ministry of Interiors

Affairs, Jordan Water Company – Miyahuna and Al Samra Electricity Generation Company.

Jarrah is a scuba diver, swimmer, glider, and practicing football, basketball, tennis, table tennis,

badminton and billiard