Middle East Water Forum

Founder: Dr. Hazim El-Naser

Prof. Dr. Amer Salman

Prof. Salman has more than 27 years of experience in water economics and environmental damage valuation. He is capable to conduct studies in the fields of water economics, allocation and pricing and management, as well as in the field of environmental and socio-economic aspects and project appraisal for many dams and water projects.

He performed extensive economic analyses for most of the dams in Jordan Rift Valley at the request of the Jordan Valley Authority. In addition, his Ph.D. dissertation was in the field of irrigation water economics of the Jordan Valley. He published several articles appeared in Agricultural Water Management, Agricultural Systems, Journal of Arid Environment, Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, Water Policy. He is a coauthor of the book Water Resources in Jordan (Evolving polices for development, the environment and conflict resolution), Editor: Munther J. Haddadin, Resources for The Future, Washington DC, and a contributor in a book Liquid Asset published by Resources for The Future.

He has been recruited in many international funded research projects as a team leader for Harvard Middle East Water Project (leader for the economic group) and MEDITATE project, GLOWA Jordan River II, GLOWA Jordan River III, and SMART II and as researcher with many other international agencies such UNDP, World Bank, AFD, ICARDA, GTZ, IFAD, FAO, USAID, and INSTRUPA. For two years, he served as economic task leader of the Jordanian team of Harvard Middle East Water Project. He has excellent computer programming skills, with primary expertise in mathematical programming and economic modeling.

He offered teaching courses in mathematical programming, agricultural statistics, production economics of plants and animals, applied agricultural economics, project evaluation, econometrics, regression analysis, mathematical economics, water economics and water allocation and pricing. In addition, he is supervising many M.Sc. and Ph.D students in different fields of water sector. last ten years, he has been recruited in many EU funded research projects as a team leader or as researcher such as Meditate, GLOWA Jordan River, SMART and Harvard Middle East Water Project.