Middle East Water Forum

Founder: Dr. Hazim El-Naser
The Global Water Summit 2019, 8th-10th April Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel
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The Global Water Summit 2019, 8th-10th April DISRUPTIVE DESIGNS Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel

Disruption is being felt everywhere. From global trading rules and internal political systems to old alliances and business models, the established order is being challenged and re-evaluated.

Despite the worries and the hysteria, this should be a time of excitement and optimism for the global water sector. Disruption creates enormous opportunities as well as obstacles, and it offers real solutions to previously intractable problems. While barriers to trade grab the headlines, huge new markets are opening up in an unprecedented fashion. In the global water sector the story is a refreshing one of collaboration and consolidation rather than fragmentation and isolationism. Constrained resources and new regulatory environments are leading to greater creativity, efficiency and impact.

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