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Palestine is not short on water - just the right to use it, By Dr Shaddad Attili, Former Minister of Water, Palestine
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 5th June 2020
Great Article.
This is the truth that we need to hear. Thank you Dr. Shaddad
Yes, we should do something about that. Palestinian should have the right to control their water rescues
Thank you Dr. Shaddad for the nice article. The Israeli confiscation and control of Palestinian water resources is a defining feature of the Israeli occupation. I hope for peace for all parties ....
Thanks for sharing, yes if we stand together as a group then we can make an impact, water issue in Palestine is a serious matter.
Since there is an agreement between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, then we should focus on that and raise this issue up everywhere and let the world hear us
Indeed, great article, Dr. Shaddad keep going one
Thanks Dr. Shaddad, great work, wish you all the best
Agree, great article, thanks for sharing
Yes, Palestine is not short of water or anything but it is the occupation. This is a good article indeed
This MEWF is a wonderful platform I hope they keeping the nice work...
Nice article: the bottom line is that the occupation is the cause of water issue
oh Palestine it has been abandoned but this is temporary. I hope things will be better soon.
The water made available to us in Gaza is not even fit for human consumption, That is so sad god bless Palestine
Great article, and respective minister.