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By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 30th July 2020
السودان وسد النهضة More
للاسف الدول الداعمه لسد النهضه كبيره وقويه ولا يمكن لمصر عمل شئ في هذه الفتره الحرجه للاسف
اتمنا الخير لمصر وللعرب جميعا
اوافق اثيوبيا فازت على جميع الدول العربيه
نحن نرجع الى الوراء وبسرعه
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 23rd July 2020
سد النهضة: المخاطر، المغالطات، والشراكة الممكنة More
حياك الله دكتور
شكرا على منشوراتك بخصوص سد النهضه لو كانوا سمعو كلامك مل صار هيك
لا حياه لمن تنادي
الله يعطيك العافيه
للاسف القضيه ماتت ولا حول ولا قوه الا بالله
على مصر اخذ موقف حازم وقوي ما في حد راح يقف مع مصر الا اذا الحكومه والشعب تحرك بقوه
اوافق لازم التحرك من مصر اولا وبقوه وذكاء
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 17th June 2020
Comments and Elaborations by Dr Hazim El-Naser, Chairman of the Middle east water Forum More
Yes that is a great webinar, i have seen the video
Thanks for the great work, I also watched the video and like it
All the best for you speaker, great work, only hope if there was some translation in Arabic as a summary.
Thank you, it is a wonderful event. Hope to see more webinars from you again
Thank you for the great talk. I also watched the video and enjoyed the discussion. Please more discussion is needed
Looking for new webinar, it is really so useful to see live discussion
Congratulation for the great talk.
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 5th June 2020
Palestine is not short on water - just the right to use it More
Great article, and respective minister.
The water made available to us in Gaza is not even fit for human consumption, That is so sad god bless Palestine
oh Palestine it has been abandoned but this is temporary. I hope things will be better soon.
Nice article: the bottom line is that the occupation is the cause of water issue
Yes, Palestine is not short of water or anything but it is the occupation. This is a good article indeed
This MEWF is a wonderful platform I hope they keeping the nice work...
Agree, great article, thanks for sharing
Thanks Dr. Shaddad, great work, wish you all the best
Indeed, great article, Dr. Shaddad keep going one
Since there is an agreement between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, then we should focus on that and raise this issue up everywhere and let the world hear us
Thanks for sharing, yes if we stand together as a group then we can make an impact, water issue in Palestine is a serious matter.
Thank you Dr. Shaddad for the nice article. The Israeli confiscation and control of Palestinian water resources is a defining feature of the Israeli occupation. I hope for peace for all parties ....
Yes, we should do something about that. Palestinian should have the right to control their water rescues
This is the truth that we need to hear. Thank you Dr. Shaddad
Great Article.
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 9th May 2020
 117. Aymen Salamah-Ethiopian Dam.pdf More
شكرا على المقال
للاسف الكل مشغول بجائحه كورونا
للاسف الامور تتجه الى الاسوئ بخصوص سد النهضه
ربنا يحمي مصر وشعبها
لابد الوقوف مع الاخوه المصريين
كل التحيه منندى محترم ورائع
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 21st April 2020
Shelter from the Middle East’s Perfect Storm More
Fantastic article. Very deep and trying to warn whoever wants to understand.
It is really a great article. In-depth analysis and give hints for the solution.
Thank you
Yes great article, some Arabic countries should NOT dependent on oil revenues. Everything is changing now...
Great article thanks for sharing
I like this article a lot and I believe it should be translated into Arabic so a lot of people can read it as it has a lot of useful information. Thank you for keeping this Fourn up to date. MEWF is the best, I am enjoying reading ...
I like this article, thank you for sharing
Great article, hope our leaders listen to these recommendations and stat new page
Really a great article, thanks for the authors
I hope your great message will get to our leaders. All the best for all
I hope your great message will get to our leaders. All the best for all
This is really top article, thanks for sharing.
Great Article
Yes, I agree, a fantastic article. I also thing Arabic translation is needed as it is so related to our Arabic world
Nice article, my English is not good. I use google translate for Arabic and it is good .
thanks for the writer
congratulation to both Bassem Awadallah and Adell Malik, nice article really good
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 18th April 2020
 عمان.pdf More
شكرا على هذه الندوه الرائعه
كل التحيه والاحترام
كل التحيه للاردن احسنتم
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 11th April 2020
WHO_UNICEF_WASH_COVID19_EN_7April_Approved.pdf More
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 8th April 2020
محمود الزاهي -  تدرس وزارة الأشغال حاليا طلب وزارة الداخلية بشأن إمكان فحص مياه الصرف الصحي لبيان ما إذا كانت هناك آثار لفيروس كورونا في المياه أم لا وفق ما كشفت عنه إحدى التجارب الهولندية مؤخرا.… More
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 8th April 2020
Aseries of crucial setbacks in Covid-19 testing has made it difficult to keep up with the virus’ rapid spread, and has inspired some researchers to look to wastewater to help fill in the ga… More